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Headlines - January 20, 2022

Supply slide
LONG ISLAND, NY - As the overall economy grapples with pandemic-driven supply-chain shortages that have fueled inflation, the Long Island housing market is struggling with a very ...More
LIBN, Jan. 21, 2022
LONG ISLAND, NY - LIBN's Digital Edition is available on most mobile and desktop browsers. Long Island Business News offers subscribers a digital edition of the paper that gives ...More
Experts: baby should have been delivered by C-section
BOSTON, MA - The plaintiff was 40 weeks’ pregnant with her first child in July 2018.  On July 31, she arrived at the hospital for labor. Her prenatal course had been uneventful. ...More
It’s time to change the law of self-defense
BOSTON, MA - Self-defense has featured prominently in two recent widely publicized trials in Wisconsin and Georgia. The Rittenhouse trial led me to question what I knew ...More
USDC extends suspension of jury trials, in-court proceedings
BOSTON, MA - Due to the current public health situation, the U.S. District Court has extended in part its suspension of jury trials and other in-court proceedings to Feb. 11. The ...More
H.L. Wiker adds two employees to ownership team 
- Lancaster-based excavation company H.L Wiker has added two long-standing employees to its ownership team as part of the 34-year-old company’s succession plan.  H.L. ...More
North Loop retail site sold for $10.75 million
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - A Minneapolis retail property that’s part of a recently completed mixed-use development has sold for $10.75 million. An entity that shares the same address as ...More

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