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Headlines - November 30, 2021

Mental health issues due to the pandemic continue, helped by telemedicine services
- Addressing mental health issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and utilizing telemedicine for support, should continue into the holiday season and new year, ...More
Plaintiff gets second shot after dismissal
DETROIT, MI - A trial court abused its discretion by dismissing a medical malpractice complaint without express consideration of the eight factors set forth in Dean v. Tucker, ...More
Cautionary tale: Royalties, fees awarded to patent owner vacated
DETROIT, MI - The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has held that a patent licensee’s unpaid royalty and sublicensing fee obligations were extinguished by a release the patent ...More
Sidco Filter acquires Honeoye manufacturer
- Sidco Filter Company in Manchester, Ontario County, has acquired Honeoye-based Roome Technologies Inc.  Under the deal, Roome will continue to operate in ...More
Question: How often do you appear on your to-do list?
- Having to show up for life and kids can be an exhausting process. Each day presents new challenges and things to do so it’s safe to say, I have a lot of lists and ...More
Q&A: Christa Cotton, founder & CEO, El Guapo
NEW ORLEANS, LA - When it comes to New Orleans' cocktail culture, Christa Cotton has made waves since her arrival 11 years ago. After acquiring the El Guapo trademark in 2017, she ...More
Kornblum appointed to Court of Appeals
MILWAUKEE, WI - Gov. Tony Evers has appointed Lori Kornblum to the Court of Appeals District II. The appointment will fill the vacancy being created by Judge Paul Reilly’s ...More

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