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Headlines - February 26, 2021

Denver Apparel and Accessories Market
- View the full article from the Gifts & Decorative Accessories at Copyright 2020 BridgeTower Media. All Rights Reserved....More
Obituaries: Elden W. Butzbaugh Jr., 83; Dan A. Darnell, 75; John A. Ferroli, 62; Keith L. Zerschling, 94
DETROIT, MI - Elden W. Butzbaugh Jr., 83 St. Joseph attorney Elden W. Butzbaugh Jr. died at home Feb. 17. He was 83. Mr. Butzbaugh earned his undergraduate degree and an ...More
People in the Law, March 1, 2021
DETROIT, MI - Email submissions and digital photos to or fill out our online form.   Professional Moves Kelley Donnelly, Milan Spampinato ...More
Eviction prompts empathy, ends in reversal
DETROIT, MI - Compassion is a good quality for a judge to have. But sympathy is no excuse for not performing an appropriate legal analysis, no matter how sad a plaintiff’s ...More
Sanctions OK after evaluation rejected
DETROIT, MI - In a complicated real estate case involving the purchase of a newly constructed home, the parties went to case evaluation, and the plaintiff was awarded $10,000. He ...More
‘Spongy’ tire in maze not open and obvious
DETROIT, MI - A spongy tire was not an open and obvious danger to a man who broke his ankle in an obstacle course at a corn maze in Belleville. In a premises liability case, ...More
Half of this year’s bills died unceremoniously
PHOENIX, AZ - Covid and increased Capitol security aside, this January at the Legislature started like almost every one before it. Lawmakers and their assistants scurried ...More

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