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Headlines - July 15, 2024

Home Textiles Sourcing
- View the full article from the Home Textiles Today at Copyright 2023 BridgeTower Media. All Rights Reserved....More
The Hampton Inn & Suites Charleston West Ashley Completes $5.6 Million Renovation
- The Hampton Inn & Suites Charleston West Ashley Finishes $5.6 Million Transformational Property Improvement Project Renovations Are Part of Brand Revitalization ...More
Phase II of The Waterfront development getting started in Allentown
- The next phase of The Waterfront development in Allentown is getting underway. After the completion in March of last year of the first building, Six Fifteen ...More
Practical strategies, real-world experience and mentoring to advance your career without a college degree
- The path to career success in today’s highly competitive job market is not solely constructed through traditional higher education. Many individuals opt out of ...More
Long Island grocery chain to replace exiting Stop & Shop
LONG ISLAND, NY - Following the announcement last week that four Stop & Shop supermarkets will be closing on Long Island, at least one shopping center has landed a replacement ...More
American Red Cross in Greater New York names regional CEO
LONG ISLAND, NY - The American Red Cross in Greater New York has a new regional chief executive. The organization named Doreen Thomann-Howe as CEO, overseeing services that support ...More
Riedman converting long-vacant Neisner Building into workforce housing
- Back in 2008, property developer and management firm Riedman added a long-vacant downtown building to its portfolio. There were no specific development plans ...More

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